Season of KDE – January

I am happy to say that I successfully completed making the StarHopper UI for KStars. In my previous blog post, I have given an overview of the feature and documented on its usage. My latest commit ensured that when the StarHopper algorithm returned an empty list, the UI would check for it and then display an error message.

Apart from this, I also worked on developing a Unit Spin-Box widget which contains a Double Spin-Box and a Combo-Box. Units are hard-coded in KStars and through this widget, a unit can be added along with the conversion factor and the widget will return the converted value for the respective unit. This patch was the first commit I committed on my own instead of sending it to my mentor. Git still haunts me though :/

Currently I’m working on the Observing planner optimizer. It requires me to learn QML (sometimes the fact that I can’t start with small letter for import names makes me want to pull my hair off) and integrate it with C++. Due to my academic constraints, I’ve not been able to dedicate lot of time for this but I hope to spend more time once my exams are done.

I think the taking point from me from this experience of Season of KDE is that my knowledge base has expanded so much! Also, the community is a great one and I am extremely happy on being part of it. The people are very helpful and nice, it’s just amazing! 😀

Cheers! 🙂



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